Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 by the numbers

Here are my bicycling and running results for 2013:

2013 Highlights

Total Activities20039
Total Distance (mi)2,03290
Total Time (hrs)164:22:0722:24:45
Average Speed12.36 mi/hr14:58 min/mi
Total Elevation (ft)27,666120
Total Segments8538
Longest Activity (mi)414

Here are my results from 2012:

2012 Highlights

Total Activities143
Total Distance (mi)1,491
Total Time (hrs)116:20:11
Average Speed12.82 mi/hr
Total Elevation (ft)18,100
Total Segments814
Longest Activity (mi)31

The following is a chart:

I used the Strava Annual Summary to generate these reports.